Sphinx Test project

This documentation aims to provide an example of how to properly document a Python package using the following technologies:

In order for the documentation to be visually friendly, we use the Read the docs theme

We also use the following notation for documenting types and use static typing checkers like MyPy

How to

In order to create the documentation, as Sphinx mentions in their getting started page, you have a Makefile for UNIX-like systems and a make.bat file for Windows systems so in order to build the documentation locally you just have to execute the following command:

make html

To build the documentation in HTML. Then just open the index.html file in your browser and you’re ready to go.


All this code is located at a GitHub repository


This documentation uses code from a GitHub project in order to see how well it gets documented. Indeed this sample project was made to be able to document that project. This project contains just one module called bitcoin